Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gluten Is Not Bad..But Watch the Flour.

When you read this title you think, "BREAD!" You now probably want to eat buckets and buckets of bread. After much research, I have found that gluten really is not all that bad for you. The only reason to go gluten free would be if you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or if you are very sensitive to it. If that's you, I truly am sorry!
While gluten alone doesn't contain health benefits, many whole grains that have nutritious vitamins and minerals also have gluten. If you remove the gluten, you eliminate the whole grain and then you no longer have the nutritious vitamins and minerals. Studies are showing the vitamins and minerals in these whole grains might indeed help lower your risk for heart disease.
Going gluten free can be risky. There are endless choices of gluten free foods. Not only are they pricy, but they can have negative nutritional benefits. The most common are high calories, high saturated fat and/or high cholesterol.

So gluten is not bad for you. Eating it has indirect health benefits. Now my favorite part is the flour, enriched bleached flour (EBF). At the grocery store it can be found packaged all by itself and in other foods. My heart was broken when I found out it was in almost every kind of roll that come in the tin pan, the ones you heat in the oven and then serve.
When people see the word "enriched" they think:"Oh, hooray! Healthy." Not in this case. Sorry(?)! The flour in this case has been deprived of its original nutrients, and unfortunately what has been added back is toxic. There is iron in this flour, metallic iron that is. You are not supposed to eat that, and the human body is not supposed to be able to digest that properly.
When EBF is consumed, the human body recognizes it as a starch. Therefore, the energy is not absorbed and not able to be used over a long period of time as grains are able to do. Your body reacts to starch in the same way it reacts to sugar. EBF is made up of refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates can contribute to obesity. You  do not need those lying around in the pantry. Carbs should come from natural sources such as fruits and veggies, not what is bad for you.

Some alternatives can be whole wheat flour, almond meal and rye flour,

Learn how to say no to the bad carbs and as always...

Live Healthy. Be Happy.