Sunday, September 2, 2012

Going Green

This is NOT about recycling and reusing. (However, please do be kind to the earth.) This is about another substance that I am currently obsessed with, green tea.

Now there are many different types of tea and I love many kinds of tea, but I am zeroing in on green tea.

The first thing we need to understand is that the studies on green tea are limited. However, studies of people who drink green tea tend to be healthier overall than those who don't. Now probably one important aspect of green tea is that it is considered one of the "negative calorie foods." By "negative calorie food" I mean that it takes more energy to process it than some other foods you would normally eat. Therefore, your body is burning off some calories that are needed to help process the green tea. Another important aspect is that it is packed full of antioxidants, which makes it good for your skin. Antioxidants repair the tissue in your skin and leave you with the skin most people crave, and it's all natural too. Another positive element of green tea is that it is known to reduce the risk of serious issues, such as heart disease and many forms of cancer. These include stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. However, the last element I issued is where these studies are limited. Also green tea has natural caffeine. It's a great way to start a morning. Now some people take green tea extract. However, in labs, scientists and nutrition specialists are not quite sure what or what combinations of things produce the healthy results. Some people say though that the taste is disgusting. To this of you that this applies to, I encourage you to find a way with NATURAL flavorings and sweeteners (honey is a good one) to find ways to make it healthier for you. Please do not go crazy with the sweeteners though. Keep this treat healthy. When I first started drinking green tea I used sweeteners. However, over time I have been able to reduce the amount of sweetener to none, and I actually enjoy it! This is how I and some friends of mine start our mornings.

Please treat yourself to a cup of green tea. It's worth the results. Live healthy! Be happy!