Friday, August 3, 2012

Sports Love

How do I start my first blog post? Many people do a hello and their current phase of life, career, Alma mater etc. However, I decided for my first blog post I would talk about 1 of my 2 obsessions. I love food. It is one of the most wonderful things on the planet, but today I am gonna talk about sports. That is right! I said sports. I am a girl, and I said sports. Believe it or not, some Saturday mornings consist of waking up and turning on Sports Center, but that is beside the point. 

So anyway, what is my favorite sport? Oh this is hard  (sarcasm). It's definitely football. I love it because it is so unique to America and the game contains so many different varied elements. Now I will talk teams. So my favorite college team would be the Tennessee Volunteers! Coach Derick Dooley had a disappointing season last season, but please cut the guy some slack. A few of his best players were hurt and it's not like he was not trying. He still has nightmares about the final game of the season against the Kentucky Cats. So, I have confidence about Dooley's skills this year (as I always have) and that our team will have an unapologetic, orange and white, well fought season. Looking forward to kickoff and our September 1 game against NC state. 29 days people. 29 days. Now, my favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. That's how I've grown up cheering for the cowboys on Sundays. Thank you Father. I owe that one to you. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying those are the only sports I like. It's London 2012 and the variety of sports I can watch thrills me! However, I also like other non-olympic, multinational sports. Basketball is probably my second favorite. 

Now do I do sports? I run. I'm not on a team but the feeling I get when I'm  running is a great feeling. I love in the winter, stepping out into the chilly outdoors and pouring in sweat by the end of it. It's that feeling of accomplishment and I did it. HIIT is great exercise too, but I'll have to rant and rave about that another time.

So my question to you is are you participating in sports or just sitting on the sidelines? Are you taking action in your health and making it a priority? I believe health is a HUGE concern stressed much, but not enough. If it were stressed more, wouldn't we see change? Wouldn't we see numbers dropping of people dying from illnesses due to their weight? I am not saying skinny is fit Fit is healthy and many health percentages and numbers would change for the better. C'mon people. You can't only eat the right stuff (Although that is important and I'll discuss that too in another post). You must also take a stand and move. Maybe find creative ideas online about different exercises ideas during commercials so you don't have to miss your favorite show.

One excuse many use is the "Oh! It's not important and I don't have time." Saying exercise is not important is sating that you are not important. This is your health and ultimately your life we are talking about.

So take some time for yourself. Treat yourself to a workout and let it be good and full of burning calories!